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Top Pops Rs. 5/- : Launched in 2009


Top Pops Spicy Rs. 5/- pack  Top Pops Chicken Rs. 5/- pack

Top Pops Rs. 5/- pack was launched in 2009.

Rs 5/- pack is now the flag bearer of Top Pops, a brand started on 6th of March 1989.

It bears the consistent taste and quality of Top Pops that the consumers have enjoyed over the past 27 years.

In 2008, the original Tikki Pack along with Regular Pack and Big Bag were discontinued due to exorbitant rise in input prices.

Top Pops is available in two flavors: Spicy and Chicken.

Look out! A new, sweet and tangy, Imli flavor is being launched soon.

Party Pack

Party Pack Spicy  Party Pack Chicken

Top Pops Party Pack  was launched in 2007. It'll be re-launched soon.

Party Pack, though earlier at Rs. 10, will now sell for Rs. 20/- only. It contains such a large helping, that it can really cater for a party!

Party Pack comes in cartons only and there are 24 Party Packs per carton.

It comes in 2 flavors: Spicy and Chicken. Buy 2 packs and you can cater to everybody's taste at your party!

So come, party on with Party Pack!

Tikki Pack

  Tikki Pack Spicy  Tikki Pack Chicken

Tikki Pack was the original Top Pops pack shipped from the factory on 6th of March 1989.

It sold for Rupee 1/- only! It was a popular chidlren purchase.  With erosion of Rupee value, it was discontinued in 2008.

Regular Pack

Regular Pack Spicy  Regular Pack Chicken

Launched in 1991, Regular Pack was a big seller.

Regular Pack sold for Rs 2/- only. It was a good filler as a snack between meals. Parents loved to include it in the lunch-box of their children. Due to erosion of Rupee value, it was taken off production in 2008. 

Big Bag

Big Bag Spicy  Big Bag Chicken

Top Pops Big Bag was launched in 2000 and it steadily gained popularity.

Big Bag was sold for Rs. 3/- only. With a big portion and a metalized wrapper, it stood tall in value compared to the other snacks selling at Rs 5/- and 10/-. Big bag was indeed big value! Due to erosion of Rupee value it had to be discontinued in 2008.