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Niaz (Pvt.) Ltd. is a sister company of Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons, the well known publishing house of Indo-Pak sub-continent.  Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons was established, late in the 19th century, in 1887 in the historic city of Lahore.

In the 4th generation of the business family, in 1985, a Food Division of Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons was established to manufacture and market snack food products. The Food Division of Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons was spun off as an independent company Niaz (Pvt.) Ltd., established in 1991.

Niaz (Pvt.) Ltd. has been keenly creating communities on the Facebook - Top Pops, Iqbal by Niaz and Vaadi. The content of these pages is mainly drawn from the publications of Sh. Ghulam Ali & Sons. Its URL is www.ghulamali.com

Top Pops is the snack food brand of the company Niaz (Pvt.) Ltd. It's a corn-based snack launched in Pakistan in 1989. Almost a generation has grown enjoying Top Pops. Its URL is www.toppops.us

Top Pops - thoda sa magic - thodi si mast! It's 'Big Value'. Big on nutrition: with 2/3rd of the product being wholesome corn, it has only 42 calories per 8 grams portion. Big on quality: being baked, not fried, it's made with quality ingredients such as European cheese and proteins. Big on fun: crispy, crunchy corn snack!